An outside shot of Emmanuel housing

The Emmanuel Village

One of the most important experiences in your time at seminary will be participating in Christian community. At Emmanuel, community is not just an abstract concept… it is a way of life! And at the center of this community is the Emmanuel Village.

“Village” represents the very best of what makes Emmanuel so unique and special. The Village community is a thriving, internationally diverse group of students and their families living, learning, and journeying together. Tucked away on a gentle landscape of rolling East Tennessee hills, the village has the feel of quiet seclusion, with the benefit of being a just short walk to the main campus and just a 10 minute drive to the heart of Johnson City!

Each English cottage-style townhouse features central heat and air, washer and dryer, cable, and internet. There are living opportunities for entire families, married couples, and single students! So, if authentic Christian community is what you are looking for, then look below for more information on the Emmanuel Village!

Cottage Floor Plan
Emmanuel Village Map
1. Gragg Court
511 Hornbaker Cottage
513 Rudberg Cottage
515 Pyke Cottage
517 Wertz Cottage
7. Delno Brown Walking Trail13. Bush Court
530 Bisset Cottage
532 Chafin Cottage
534 University Street Christian Church Cottage
536 Trinkle Cottage
2. Unnamed Court
521 Stowers Cottage
523 Collins Cottage
525 Rowell Cottage
527 Lanzer Cottage
8. Newberry Court
571 Covington Cottage
573 Moore Cottage
575 Young Cottage
577 Meredith Cottage
14. Fred and Dorothy Thompson Community Center
420 Dorothy Keister Way
3. Keefauver Court
531 Pratt Cottage
533 Kraemer-Bott Cottage
535 Robison Cottage
537 Bledsoe Cottage
9. Moore Court
581 Wm Richardson Cottage
583 Gail Phillips Cottage
585 Vernon Lawson Cottage
587 Rexroth Cottage
15. Dana Gohn Prayer Garden
4. Ellis Court
541 Mary Phillips Cottage
543 Holloway Cottage
545 O’Neal Cottage
547 Vonhoff Cottage
10. Calvin Phillips Court
560 Sizemore Cottage
562 Parish Cottage
564 Nutley Cottage
566 Taylor Cottage
16. Cross of the Risen Lord
5. Nutter-Bradley Court
553 Todd Beamer Cottage
555 Dean Cottage
11. Strickland Court
550 Kraft Cottage
552 Newton Cottage
554 Pisgah Cottage
556 Johnstone Cottage
17. The Garden Chapel of the Risen Lord
6. Schnelle Court
561 Dunlap Cottage
563 Ramser Cottage
565 Helsabeck-Hobson Cottage
567 Robert Thompson Cottage
12. Playground18. Phyllis’s Green

All cottage addresses are on Calvin Phillips Drive / Johnson City, TN 37601.

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